Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The unsent letter

Here, now, in this moment, we stand together, you and me.
A look from your pretty eyes, a word,
A smile from your sweet tasting lips!
I dedicate myself to this moment.
I am present here for you and, I see the beauty of life reflected through your eyes!
The joy in my heart and the love I feel for you are the manifestations of life and creation.
I see the greatness in this very moment.

I have no thoughts of the past.
I have no thoughts of the future.
I have you, I have love, I have life.
Do not let the fuzziness of this incredible manifestation of modern life, take out the beauty of this moment from us!

I just want to feel every breath I take standing next to you.
To feel you, feel the connection between us,
feel the light that fills the space in between us.
I love you, I treasure you, my sweet love.
All we have is now; all we have is a collection of moments, of you and me ...

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