Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Life of Purpose

Do we have a purpose in life? Or are we just living day by day without any purpose?
Living a purposeful life is the key to any one's success and prosperity!
When we find a higher purpose than ourselves,our own existence,only then we unleash our brilliance and full potential.
I began feeling the emptiness in my late adolescence! Now I know that all of what I have gone through was supposed to happen,because these events lead me to what I am today! I'm still growing spiritually,developing my personality,and I still have questions,but the most important thing I learned is that I was searching for my purpose,my inner drive. I felt that there is more,something was wrong,I was not fulfilling what I'm destined to do on earth. Now I look back and know,that with each question,and every painful conflict or experience that I went through,I only became stronger,and It brought me closer to discovering my true essence.
Life gives you the blessings you have,but you have to give something back.
You give when you do what you are meant to do the best way you can.

Wishing you my dear readers,to find your true purpose in this life,and remember it's never too late to ask the right questions! :)