Monday, March 4, 2013


As we grow older, we rediscover ourselves
in a whole new way.

As we grow older, we find that suddenly we want
things that we have never wanted before; even though, they were always there.

As we grow older, we may redefine our selves.

We may redefine our perception of happiness.

We may find out that we've been engaged for so long in pursuing something,
just to find out it's not that a big deal and,
it does not really make us happy.

As we grow older, we find out, we are willing to do things,
we never thought we would ever want to do.

In fact, we may have defined ourselves as the kind of people who would never do this or that!

The world is no longer divided into right and wrong!

There is a whole new spectrum of gray shades!

Funny how time, people and, places, can slowly change our perception of life, partly or even fully.

Our perception of happiness, achievements, and sense of self can be entirely flipped, upside down.

We might as well, learn to love a little bit more, people for who they are,
 along with their imperfections and, judge a little bit less.

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