Monday, March 30, 2015

Nothing IS, Everything is NOT !

I thought it was important.
I felt it was important.
My gut feeling told me it is.
I really wanted to do it,
I was excited and eager for it.
But the moment never came,
The time was never right.
I had something telling me the effort was worth it!
Was it my mind after I've installed that thought into it?
Or was it something deeper, that came from the depths of my soul?
The opportunity is finally here!
Then, the time must be right!
I took the moment but much effort was needed, too much, it seems!
Everything was against me, even the weather!
Why it's so different than what I thought?
Why was I not that excited?
Melancholy takes over me and suddenly...
Everything feels so dull and boring,
Little things, big things have no meaning...
I  have lost my supreme optimist self!
I have lost my smile...
Everything is just so Not...
Everything is meaningless....
Until I write a few words ...
Maybe there is a little something that -Is
Maybe my words ARE!!!!

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